Fully organized Wet-Labs is what SibaMed offers. Providing experienced medical professionals, high quality skills and services, an excellent environment in which all objectives are successfully met, Sibamed’s wet-lab service covers a very wide range of countries in the Middle-East, in North-Africa, and in Europe.

Time convenience, flexible area of operation, multiple procedures in one place & complete delivered sets, are some facilities provided by Sibamed’s wet-lab service. Sibamed has already gained additional exposure by servicing some worldwide biggest Medical Companies.

To gain additional exposure, we have already signed a contract with St Jude Medical, Middle East to cover workshop activity for 22 countries some of which are Greece, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Gulf Area and ….

SibaMed Standard Equipment Supply 

  •  Work tables
  • Table covers
  • General instruments
  • Workstation lights
  • Dishes
  • Holders
  • Simulators
  • Mains extensions
  •  Gaffer tape
  • Gloves in various sizes
  • Aprons
  • Yellow bags
  • Sharps bins
  • Cleaning materials
  • Cool box
  • Tissue



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